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Empowering Excellence: PEQVI's
Journey in Quality Voltage Innovation

PEQVI, a key player in voltage stabilization, embodies its brand ethos rooted in Ohm's Law and extensive industry experience. The name PEQVI, coined from the power equation P=VxI, signifies a strong commitment to delivering innovative and reliable power solutions, encapsulated in the mantra "Powering Excellence with Quality Voltage Innovation."

Piyush Electronics & Electricals Private Limited, established in 1992 and based in Delhi's thriving industrial zone, is a trusted manufacturer. Our product range includes power conditioning and automation solutions, complemented by embedded systems design consultancy, comprehensive solutions, and application software development. This holistic approach empowers our clients to efficiently tackle complex challenges, reduce costs and risks, and expedite their market entry strategies.

With a rich legacy spanning 32 years, we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, registered with MSME, and recognized as an 'UDYAM' unit, equipped with the requisite infrastructure for manufacturing top-notch electrical and electronic products. Our commitment to upholding stringent quality standards is evident through rigorous testing processes, including Insulation Resistance Test, High Voltage Tests, Dielectric Test, and BDV of Insulation Oil Test.

At PEQVI®, our brand mantra "Powering Excellence with Quality Voltage Innovation" drives us to leverage the latest technologies available in the market, ensuring that our product range is synonymous with durability and efficient output. Our products are trusted and utilized in diverse settings such as embassies, industries, banks, societies, hospitals, public places, and commercial complexes.

Our extensive product portfolio encompasses: Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Isolation Transformers, Buck/Boost Series Transformers, Variable Transformers (Variacs), High Voltage Transformers, Fully Automatic BDV Insulation Oil Test Sets, AC Synchronous Motors, Servo Cards, Torque meters.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellence, reliability, and efficiency in every product we offer, thus ensuring the utmost satisfaction and success of our esteemed customers.

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Building Trust Through Reliability and Quality: Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We boast a loyal base of long-term and repeat customers who value the reliability and quality of our products and services. This trust in our brand stems from two key factors: first, our unwavering commitment to product reliability and quality, which is paramount in customer decision-making; and second, our competitive pricing within the industry.

To solidify our position as a top choice in the market, we are dedicated to efficiently meeting the growing demands of our esteemed customers. Every product and service we offer is meticulously tested for both reliability and quality before being delivered to our valued customers' doorsteps.

Some other factors behind our company's success comprise:
  • Affordable costs
  • Timely delivery
  • Ethical business strategies
  • Clarity in deals
  • Easy payment modes
  • Huge distribution network


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