Embedded Consulting Services

embedded software engineer consultant

Providing hardware/software design of Embedded Systems

PEQVI provides a full range of embedded consulting service in Delhi (INDIA). We offer embedded software development as a standalone, or integrated with our pcb design and manufacturing services.

Our embedded software engineer consultants have perfected themselves over a decade and delivered several electronic design projects. We are well-versed in modern software technologies, tool sets, and best practices such as agile methodology, continuous integration, comprehensive testing, and strict branching workflow.

Our embedded software services include:

  • Design documentation
  • Prototyping as needed to test feasibility
  • Design implementation – primary coding, code re-use
  • Design validation – unit testing, system testing, integration
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced product cost
  • Enhanced Innovation
  • Product Support
  • Product Quality
  • Maximum Returns
  • Flexibility & Safety
Product Development

Complete development of ready to market product along with enclosure and user-interface.

embedded systems engineers consultant
Hardware Design

This includes schematic capture, layout, PCB design, Gerber and BOM generation and review.