Oil BDV Test Kit

Measure transformer oil breakdown voltage

This is a 2nd Generation - Manual Motorized Oil Test Set. It is used to measure the BDV of the transformer insulation oil. The unit is based on a microcontroller control circuits with Earth protection.

It comes with an analog display and toggle switches.

OTS-2060 OTS-2080 OTS-2100
Note: We even customize as per customer’s specifications and requirement.

This oil test set is used for measuring the breakdown voltage (BDV) of insulating oil. It has manual mode only and has a motorized auto-transformer mechanism. It has adequate interlocking and safety for HT chamber door and high voltage drive. All our test sets are rugged, reliable, and designed with field use in mind.

  • Functional, ergonomic and portable design
  • High quality construction
  • Displays the measured BDV on the analog meter
  • Laboratory instruments for measuring insulating oil breakdown voltage
  • Trip detection circuit with fast switch off time
  • Leak locked die-molded test cell
  • Easily adjustable mushroom electrodes
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