Oil BDV Test Kit

Test kit for measuring transformer oil BDV

This is a 2nd Generation - Manual Motorized Oil BDV Test kit. The kit is used to test the BDV of the transformer insulation oil. The unit is based on a microcontroller control circuits with Earth protection.

It comes with an analog display and toggle switches.

OTS-2060 OTS-2080 OTS-2100
Note: We even customize the BDV Test kit as per customer’s specifications and requirement for testing dielectric strength of transformer oil.

This BDV oil test kit is used for measuring the breakdown voltage (BDV) of insulating oil. It has manual mode only and has a motorized auto-transformer mechanism. It has adequate interlocking and safety for HT chamber door and high voltage drive. All our test kit are rugged, reliable, and designed with field use in mind for measuring oil BDV.

  • Functional, ergonomic and portable design
  • High quality construction
  • Displays the measured breakdown voltage on the analog meter
  • Laboratory kit for the test of insulating oil BDV
  • Trip detection circuit with fast switch off time
  • Leak locked die-molded test cell
  • Easily adjustable mushroom electrodes
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