Steam Bath Generator

Turn your master bath into a luxurious "home spa".


We manufacture compact design steam bath generators that can be easily installed in a closet, an insulated attic, vanity, shower or a basement. It is quite affordable to purchase and easy to install.

It can be programmed for a soothing experience at your exact desired temperature preference. Soothing steam distribution from all sides, without “hot” or “cold” spots.

You can also indulge in the added rewards of chromotherapy and aromatherapy, along with ezeesteam.

It is a virtually maintenance free steam bath generator, and the heart of your steam shower experience. To ensure high standards of quality, the offered products are checked on various safety and quality parameters, and are manufactured from high grade raw material.

  • Designed, developed and manufactured in India
  • 100% Recyclable SS water tank
  • Compact design
  • Industrial heating element with SS electrodes
  • Quick steam generation within minutes of activation
  • Unique electronic shut off safety feature
  • Safety pressure relief valve
  • Automatic Drain valve to drain the water tank
  • Wall mounting unit for easy installations
  • Advanced water monitoring and delivery system
  • Programmable profile up to 10 users
  • Display temperature in Celsius
  • Soft touch button (easy to press)
  • Start and Stop control
  • Temperature setting and timer countdown
  • Flush-mount, low-profile installation

This option, installed in the steam shower ceiling, provides colour light therapy to enhance your feeling of health and well-being. You can evoke perfect mood for relaxation, rejuvenation or even romance by commanding the entire spectrum of the rainbow.

  • Seven Colors
  • One color per session
  • Kaleidoscope of colors

Chromotherapy is heightened when paired with aromatherapy and the power of steam.

This option, installed in the steam shower automatically infuses your favorite aroma therapy oil directly into the steam line. For relaxation, it’s recommended to combine chromotherapy with the soothing scents of different fragrances.

Benefits from steam bath

Clears the Skins

Helps to clear skin impurities and can potentially be used to treat skin ailments such as eczema, athlete's foot and acne


Relieves Tension

Soothes your nerve endings and also relaxes your muscles. Minimizes joint pain, as well as minimizing the pain of headaches


Boost the immune System

Steam fuels blood flow, banishing impurities and toxins
from your body


Reduces Stress

Reduces the feeling of stress on the body. Many people feel rejuvenated and calm after having steam bath.


Aid Weight Loss

Frequent visits to the steam room or saunas can potentially aid in weight loss as it is well known it can get rid of water weight.

Healthy Blood Flow

Allows blood to flow freely and easily throughout the body, transporting oxygen to all areas of the body which needs it

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