Transformer Oil Test Kit

BDV Test kit to measure Dielectric Strength of Transformer oil

This is a Fully Automatic High Voltage Transformer Oil Test Kit to check the BDV. It is powereed with iOTS-4k (4th Generation technology). Entirely designed and manufactured in India for labs. The kit is used to test the dielectric strength (or BDV) of the transformer insulation oil. The insulating oil provides the insulation under high voltage potentials.

It comes with a built-in LCD, thermal printer, PC interface, memory, real time clock, magnetic stirrer and even supports remote controlled operation. Adequate interlocking and safety for high voltage drive, HT chamber door. Complete protection provided for isolating HT, in case of emergencies in control circuits. These are rugged, reliable, and designed with field use in mind.

Note: These transformer oil test kit are available in 100 kV with customer’s specifications and requirement.

It is a fully automatic micro-controller based kit to test the breakdown voltage (BDV) of transformer oil. It supports different automated test sequences to cater wide range of standards.

  • Laboratory test kit for measuring transformer oil breakdown voltage
  • Functional, ergonomic and portable design
  • High quality construction
  • Leak locked die-molded test cell
  • Easily adjustable mushroom electrodes
  • Rate of rise is programmed at 2kV/ Second
  • Trip detection circuit with fast switch off time
  • Calculation of Average BDV, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variance
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