Multi function meter for Stabilizers

intelliServo Voltage Controller
intelliServo Voltage Controller

In the year 2011, PEQVI ™ introduced a high quality, cost effective and intelligent multi-function meter controller to its product range. It minimizes the need of external wiring and involves lesser efforts in calibration during the production phase of Servo Voltage Stabilizers.

Use of this meter controller will reduce the labor costs and increase in production rate of the voltage stabilizers.

It has a simple user interface and no special programming skills required. The firmware is intelligent enough and takes care of all necessary operations. It has a built-in driver for AC Synchronous Servo Motor; with easy to set parameters to minimize the hunting of the motor caused due to fluctuations in the power supply. It adds extra life to your carbon brushes.

The LED display shows output voltage, input voltage, high/low voltage and trip indications; Both under voltage/over voltage protection with time delay are built-in.

  • User can even operate the servo in manual mode.
  • Supports Relay, Contactor and Shunt trip systems.
  • Available for both 230 V and 120 V system countries.
  • The unit is designed, developed and manufactured in India.