How to select Servo Stabilizers?

Before we move further, we should know that each and every Appliances, Machines, Industries, Plants and other establishments have their own specific INPUT and OUTPUT voltage requirements. For example some equipment might require 380 V AC output while some other machines require 400 V AC out and so on. So lets have a look at below factors to be considered before planning to buy a servo stabilizer.

Factors to be considered while buying a Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

Reputation / Brand:

Make sure that you buy directly from the manufacturer, so you get right product at competitive price. Check for the suppliers website, factory locations, client list in detail and study the credentials.

Single Phase or Three Phase:

Check whether we want a Single or Three Phase Servo voltage stabilizer. This can be determined by way of your electrical grid connection. If you have ONE phase grid connection then you require SINGLE phase voltage controller, if you have THREE phase then you need THREE phase servo stabilizer.

KVA Rating:

Next step is to determine what capacity is required by you. This can be determined by measuring the total load in AMPERE after you have switched on your FULL load.

You can measure the complete load using a clamp meter.

Input Voltage Range:

This is the most important part, as these servo voltage stabilizer works in dedicated input voltage ranges, meaning the band in which the stabilizer is expected to buck/decrease or boost/increase the voltage to maintain the output voltage.

Thus we should be very accurate in getting the LOW and HIGH voltage conditions at site. Some of the standard ranges are 340 – 480 V AC, 300 – 460 V AC , 240 – 480 V AC , 190 – 480 V AC etc.

Output Voltage :

Some machines require 380 V AC , some requires 400 V AC and some may require 415 V AC. The optimal setting is 400 V AC and can be customized as per customer requirements.

Ideally the standard output voltage range is between 380 to 415 V AC.

Unbalanced Type / Balanced Type :

If you have a balanced load and balanced input supply then you should go for balanced type servo voltage stabilizer. If the load is unbalanced and even the incoming supply is highly unpredictable then you should opt for unbalanced type servo stabilizers. Normally unbalanced type voltage regulators are the best bet and mostly used by industries.

Maintenance :

Make sure that you buy a servo voltage stabilizer which had been designed keeping in mind the ease of maintenance.