Tired of Voltage fluctuations ???

Is your industrial equipment’s getting damaged again and again in a very short span of time? If yes, then this is the time to install a PEQVI® Servo Voltage Stabilizer. It helps in getting rid of fluctuations. It not just delivers constant amount of voltage, but also protects your precious equipment’s from the annoying fluctuations.

The Servo Voltage Stabilizers works on the concepts of a transformer and delivers right voltages to your valuable electrical and electronic equipment’s. The stabilizers consists of a AC Synchronous Servo Motors coupled with a Variable Transformer (also known as auto-transformer) which is further connected to a Buck Boost Transformer.

In order to give complete protection, these Servo Stabilizers should be customized as per the actual load. And should be incorporated with a combination of both the Buck Boost Transformer and a Variable transformer to achieve higher efficiency and lower the no-load losses.

This combination of Variable Transformer and a PEQVI® Buck Boost Transformer (BBT) regulates the incoming power supply.