Servo Voltage Stabilizer

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We manufacture Servo Voltage Stabilizers (Brand: PEQVI®) that controls all types of loads i.e. inductive, resistive and capacitive. We offer them in both AIR COOLED and OIL COOLED models. These are exclusively customized to resolve the issues related to VOLTAGE fluctuations happening at customer’s site. They maintain stability in operations and possess a long service life.

We provide these servo stabilizers with many additional features as per customer demand.

Rating Available: 5 KVA to 2000 KVA

It is a fully automatic micro-controller based SERVO STABILIZER for home, commercial and industrial usages. Customized design for hassle free operation and excellent performance.

  • Based on indigenous “microServo” technology
  • Servo mechanism powered by APPLE AC Synchronous Motors
  • Fully programmable for Over, Under Voltage Cutoff protection
  • Programmable trip situations like high voltage, low voltage and overload
  • Extended Input Range: 140-280 VAC, 110-280 VAC , 90-280 VAC is also available
  • Special Input/Output voltage ranges available on request
  • Overload protection
  • Single Phase Prevention
  • Smart tripping at Overload situations

To ensure high standards of quality, the offered products are checked on various safety and quality parameters, and are manufactured from high grade raw material.

  • Mitred CRGO notching core which ensures low losses, magnetizing current and low noise level
  • Solid Bus bar is used for input/output terminations
  • Two separate earthing terminals provided at the bottom of the tank on both sides
  • High-speed correction up to 35V per second
  • No effects of load power factor and no phase shift
  • Lifting lugs for fitting the complete unit
  • Bi-directional rollers for sliding the complete unit
  • For computers, Xerox Machines, signaling & telecommunication equipments
  • For microprocessor-based equipments like CNC lathes and CNC equipments
  • For medical equipments and plastic molding machines
  • High capacity 3 phase stabilizers for entire factory and vital installations
  • For laboratories, process control equipments and A.C. plants
  • For Embassies, Societies, Offices, EDP centers, Chemical industries
  • For Defense especially radars

Detailed manual supplied with wiring diagrams, troubleshooting charts, installations and maintenance procedures.

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